People are the heart of every organisation. Employees, investors, suppliers and consumers are all stakeholders and each has a vested interest in the life and success of the organisation.

What is less obvious is the level at which each influences the personality, identity and mood of the organisation.

For that very reason it is vital to understand, nurture and project the corporate persona; accurately reflecting the organisational values and ideals in a way that motivates stakeholders at every level to identify with and actively engage with the organisation in a completely wholehearted way.

That’s the secret to organisational health and identity. Whether seeking to articulate a vision or create an image, there is little point in investing huge amounts in identity, web presence and promotion until you have fully understood and embraced this secret.
At Trynity, we are committed to working with organisations, be they start-ups or those that have identified a need for change, to work through a programme that defines purpose and nurtures health and identity that will then feed into the way the organisation communicates with its world.

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