I have over 20 years’ experience of working with and getting the best out of people.  I have worked globally as an organisational consultant, drawing together Marketing, Hospitality, IT, Change and Management Consultancy. 

I am passionate about individuals and organisations (which are just groups of individuals) in a multitude of settings, helping them to identify and tap into the best in themselves and recognise their importance the context of the environment that they inhabit.  

Being a registered, accredited and ethically accountable counsellor affords me the privilege of being able to work safely and confidentially in a way that ensures trust, encourages vulnerability and facilitates positive change and stronger, more purposeful sense of ‘self’, which in turn facilitates positive change and effectiveness.

My time is blended, working privately with individuals, couples and groups in a therapeutic context and working with organisations as an Organisational Health and Wellbeing consultant.