Individual and team coaching targeted at building self-belief, fostering an understanding of others and the best ways to interact, developing leadership skills, harnessing strengths and building passion in purpose driven, values led goal setting.

Working with organisations, I implement targeted coaching interventions to support cultural and community transformation, inclusion and a passion for inspired change.

The Process

The process begins where you are currently, identifies where you want to be and by when. The journey involves the mapping of the terrain between the two points and then allows you to effectively design the most effective route - one that you are confident and willing to navigate.

The visualisation of the impact of achieving your desired outcome and understanding how this impact will alter your life the driving force. Owning your ideas, taking responsibility for your actions ensure that the journey is a fulfilling one.

Typical scenarios include: 

  • Future visioning: what to do with your life

  • Work and relationships

  • Learning or improving mental or physical skills

  • Changing unhelpful behaviours or thought patterns

  • Interview preparation

  • Resourceful ways of dealing with illness and disability

Located at Heart & Soul Wellbeing Clinic in the heart of Watford, you have a choice of a variety of complementary therapies to support your emotional and physical wellbeing at the same time.

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