Every organisation needs to know its reason for existence and consequently its mission before it is able to communicate and engage others in the goal of achieving that purpose.

It then needs to be nurtured in its wellbeing in order for it to healthily and wholeheartedly achieve that purpose, and inspire all its stakeholders to believe and be motivated to completely commit to it.

As with Individual Wellbeing there are three pillars to Organisational Wellbeing:

  • Physical

  • Spiritual

  • Emotional

If one is missing - like a tripod - the entity will naturally not be able to fulfil its purpose.

Where other approaches may focus on business aspects or on personal health and wellbeing,  our approach focuses on Organisational Health in its entirety.  It is rare that specialists carry a credible blend of both, able to tackle Organisational Health holistically from both a strategic and a therapeutic level.

True Organisational Health acknowledges the organisation as an organic entity dependant on a sense of purpose and wellbeing.  It acknowledges these three pillars of wellbeing and actively seeks to create a healthy balance between each.

Healthy Organisations require healthy leadership with a leadership team that models accountability and vulnerability and clearly communicates purpose through the entire organisation.

Equally, stakeholders need to know that the organisation cares for their wellbeing and that the organisational leadership is prepared to invest in wellbeing in a way that directly testifies to that truth through. This includes the seamless integration of environment, process, technology and supporting elements that enable individuals to feel part of a community and to thrive in who they are and what they are there to achieve.

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