Individual Supervision

Are you a leader or someone in a place where you feel somewhat isolated or alone in your ability to simply and openly process your thoughts, your ideas - and your pressures?  You might have a sea of people around you but none who you would feel able - for personal or professional reasons - to speak freely and vulnerably with.

Sometimes we need something a with a little less emphasis on the therapeutic and a little more emphasis on overall wellbeing and support.

Something that is geared toward helping us to process our ideas, thoughts and experiences in order to be clearer and more effective in who we are and what we do in life.

Perhaps you just need a listening ear to help you to process the stuff in your head without fear of how that person may perceive you or how - by sharing - it will impact your professional relationship.

You may also like to bounce ideas off somebody with significant professional organisational and managerial experience who is able to understand your language and help you to translate your thoughts into results.

And perhaps you would like that to happen in a space that allows you to escape from your usual surrounds that caters for our physical and spiritual wellbeing and feels safe warm and inviting and offers you a chance to unload and unwind.

We offer you the opportunity to choose whether to just talk, or to incorporate that into a wellbeing package that would include at least a massage, something to eat and drink and full access to thermal suite and retreat facilities for all or part of the day.

Whether you do it as a fortnightly or monthly event, this is something that everybody in high paced, high responsibility, stressful environments not only deserves but needs - offering you the opportunity to unwind, unload and prepare for the next round.


Group/Team Supervision

The benefits of group/team supervision are numerous - especially if that group is represented by people from across an organisation.

I work with organisations and charities where the demands on the workforce are significant and often disturbing or traumatic. 

This can lead to a variety of stress related issues that ultimately mean that the organisation suffers as well as the individual.

Being able to discuss your experiences as part of a trusted group facilitates

    •    Safe unburdening of stress and anxiety

    •    Consolation that you are not alone in your experiences or feelings

    •    The ongoing understanding, support and encouragement of others in your group

    •    Organisational cohesion

    •    Increased effectiveness and productivity - both individually and corporately

Located at Heart & Soul Wellbeing Clinic in the heart of Watford, you have a choice of a variety of complementary therapies to support your emotional and physical wellbeing at the same time.